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How to start blog & make income from it

Do you want to start a blogging and make money at the same time? Here is how you can!

What could be better that following your passion while making some money on the side from it? It is good idea to start your online business.


  1. Money
  2. Fame
  3. Sharing your knowledge
  4. Social impact
  5. Document your thoughts
  6. Getting invited to conferences and bloggers meetings

Before you start a blog you shoud ask yourself!!

  1. Where should i start?
  2. What niche should i pick?
  3. What should my domain name be?
  4. How do i buy the domain name?
  5. Where will i host my blog?
  6. How will i design my blog?
  7. What essential elements for making my blog?
  8. How wiil i write my first blog?

Steps you should follow to setup your blog

  1. Select a blog topic
  2. Decide on blogging platform
  3. Get a web designer to develop blog website for you
  4. Buy domain of your choice & hosting
  5. Write your 1st blog
  6. Get S.E.O Expert to do it for you so as to increase your blog traffic
  7. Monitise your blog website – google ads

The Money Making Process
Time to make money for your blog!
There are several ways to make money, which includes:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. net
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Spornsored content
  5. Amazon affiliate program
  6. Direct ad sales
  7. Own digital products like ebooks, online course

TOP-Notch Strategy to Boost Your Web Presence

TOP-Notch Strategy to Boost Your Web Presence
Today, more and more consumers are discovering a worthwhile transacting through the internet. From shooping for the latest electronic gadgets to booking an air ticket and a hotel room in the comfort of thier homes, the internet has made it easy to do business.

What does web presence Mean?
Imagine a vendor standing right behind her stall in the market. The booth very neat, fruits and vegetables displayed in clean rows. She holds her hands akombo, waiting for the customers.

But for the past 6 hours, this woman has not had a single customer stop by her stall to buy provisions.

This Scnario also applies to websites. Image you have just launched a new e-commerce store. The products are positioned, with the accompanying product description content is written and uloaded, but not a single visitor has clicked any of the buttons on your site.

Remember! You do not exist if a customer cannot locate either your physical or online store. Customers will visit your website if you develop your content, web pages and use other socail media platforms to increase your visibility.

  1. create a professinal website
  2. Intergrate social media
  3. Connect with blog influencers
  4. Engage in online communities
  5. Increase your web traffic with paid ads
  6. Use Email
  7. Update your content regularly
  8. Remove irrelevant features from your site.
  9. Make your website mobile
  10. Link your site on major directories

Increasing your web presence is an onging process. Approach specialists in the field to acquire more knowledge on the right strategies. You can also use tools like Google Analytics to analyse your traffic, know what works, and what does not work.


One of the crucial points you need to note is that you no longer need just short and outstanding content to get recognised. To appear in Google search rankings, your content has to be long-form, structured for SEO, match the interests of the user and attract High Domain authority sites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that will help you increase your audience.


  1. Gather Data to help Your Decision-making process
  2. Include Target Keywords in Your Post
  • Here are 4 primary locations where your keywords should appear in your post.
    a) Headline
    b) Headers & body
    c) Optimize your URL
    d) Metadat description
  1. Open Your Blog To Subscribers
  2. Build natural backalinks
  3. Post Quality Content
  4. Be Mobile-Friendly and act fast
  5. Write in the language of your audience
  6. Optimize Your images with Alt TAGS
  7. Loacal SEO has its own rules and tactics

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